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GTAW220CT/300CT/220P/300P should be selected for very demanding applications such as Stainless Steel, Aluminium (AC TIG) and Carbon Steel Metal welding. Typical areas of use are, steel construction and maintenance, general machine construction, family and industry maintenance. These welding machines are also very good choice for Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel DC or AC/DC TIG, Pulse TIG and MMA or Stick Welding.

■ Use powerful IGBT switches and advanced inverter control technology.

■ Use Miceocomputer, PMW control technology and Constant Current (CC) output control.

■ DC or Ac/DC TIG, Pulse TIG and MMA or STICK welding process method. Special design of the circuit and structure of the welding power source.

■ Excellent arc characteristics, good welding performance and little spatter.

■ Strong ability of the anti-fluctuating of power supply voltage.

■ Under longer welding cable, this machine can weld.

■ Minimizingm lightness, it can be moved easily and energy saving up to 30%.

■ With auto protection functions of over current and over-heat.

■ Be able to cut all kinds of metal, for example, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Aluminium (AC TIG), etc.


1. Welder Friendly controls
2. Generator Friendly (Low KVA Requirement)
3. High Frequency (H.F) Start/ Lift Start/ MMA Selector Switch for mode selection
4. H.F Auto Cut Off for protection against accidental triggering
5. MCB for fault protection & fuse for control circuit protection
6. Gas pre/post flow time adjustment (for gas purging and cooling)
7. Ease of maintenance
8. Digital Display for easy setting of the current
9. 2S/4S/ Fast Track Selector Switch for Trigger Hold and Quick Tacking
10. Current limit, Under Voltage and Overload Protection
11. Current Up/ Down Slope adjustment (for soft start and crater filling)
12. Tungsten tip saving circuit (in LIFT mode, when the tungsten is shorted to work, only 10A current flows)


1. Tool / Die repair
2. Vassel / Tank / Boiler Fabrication
3. Train
4. Maintenance
5. Fabrication

What’s Included

1. i-WELD TIG Welding Machine GTAW220CT x 1 UNIT
2. Welding Cable with Earth Clamp (100% Copper Cable) x 1 UNIT
3. TIG Torch x 1 SET
4. Reinforced Gas Hose x 1 LGTH





Input Voltage 1 phase AC240V ± 15%
Frequency 50/60HZ
Input POwer 4.9KVA
Output Current 10 ~ 220A
Output Voltage 18V
Rated Duty Cycle 60%
Tungsten Diameter 1.6 ~ 2.4mm
Class Of Insulation H
Degree Of Protection IP21S
Weight 12Kg
Size 465 x 275 x 465mm
Welding Method Pulse TIG, Cold TIG, Spot Welding