Code: LU5E


FREUD LU5D SAW BLADE to cut special drawn products, such as tubes and profiles with ultra-thin walls. The reduced kerf grants an excellent cutting finishing with no burns and enables the use of the blade on low-power cutting machines.

Machines :

Double Head Cutting Machine, Miter Saw.

Materials :

Aluminium, Copper and Brass.

Application :

Aluminium and non-ferrous metals cutting.


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When you choose FREUD LU5E Reduced Kerf Saw Blades, you are interesting in a product that represents the pinnacle of saw blade technology. With our commitment to innovation and quality, we aim to exceed your expectations and help you achieve outstanding results.

Discover the power of precision cutting with FREUD LU5E Reduced Kerf Saw Blades. Maximize your efficiency, minimize waste, and elevate your projects to a whole new level. do not settle for anything less than excellence. Choose FREUD, and experience the difference for yourself. 

Superior Cutting Performance

FREUD LU5E Saw Blades are engineered with a special tooth geometry and high-quality carbide tips, ensuring smooth and accurate cuts on non-ferrous metals. Whether you are working with aluminium, brass, copper or other non-ferrous materials, our blades deliver unmatched cutting performance.

Reduced Kerf Design

The reduced kerf design of our blades minumizes material waste and optimizes cutting efficiency. With a thinner kerf, you can achieve narrower cuts, resulting in higher material yield and reduced cost. Say goodbye to excessive waste and hello to improved productivity.

Durability and Longevity

Freud is renowned for producing saw blades that are built to last, and our LU5E Saw Blades are no exception. Crafted from premium materials, these blades offer exceptional durability and can withstand the demands of heavy-duty cutting applications. You can rely on our blades to deliver consistent performance over an extended period.

Precision and Clean Cuts

Our FREUD LU5E Saw Blades incorporate ultra-sharp cutting edges that leave behind smooth finishes, eliminating the need for additional sanding or finishing work. Enjoy clean, professional-quality cuts that save you time and effort.

Versatile Applications

FREUD LU5E Saw Blades are not limited to cutting non-ferrous metals alone. They can also be used for cutting plastics, laminates, and other similar materials. Whether you are a professional tradesperson or a hobbyist, our blades offer versatility to cater to a wide range of projects.

Easy Compatibility

Freud LU5E Reduced Kerf Saw Blade are available in various sizes and arbor configuration, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of saws. Simply choose the blade that matches your equipment specifications, and you are ready to tackle your cutting tasks with ease.


Benefits & Features

Anti- Vibration Technology

Body slots laser cut with Freud’s innovative technology. Also available with thermoplastic polyurethane filling that considerably reduces vibration and minimizes noise.

Silver I.C.E Coating

A high performing and anticorrosive coating to maintain the blade temperature low during the working process. The non-stick feature improves chip ejection and notably reduces resin build-up, significantly reducing friction and extending the lifetime of the blade.

TiCo Carbide Technology

A specially formulated, highly compact Titanium Cobalt Carbide, engineered and manufactured by Freud. It provides a sharper edge and a flawless finish with a dramatically longer cutting life


Minimum and maximum RPM based on the blade diameter.


Model & Specification

Model Anti Vibration Silver I.C.E Coating TiCo Carbide Blade Dia (mm) Plate (mm) Kerf (mm) Bore (mm) Tooth
LU5E 0100  250 2.8 2.2 30 100
LU5E 0200 250 2.8 2.2 32 100
LU5E 0300 255 2.8 2.2 25.4 100
LU5E 0400 255 2.8 2.2 25.4 120
LU5E 0500 300 3.0 2.5 30 100
LU5E 0700 300 3.0 2.5 30 120
LU5E 0800 300 3.0 2.5 32 120
LU5E 0600 305 3.0 2.5 25.4 120
LU5E 0900 350 3.0 2.5 30 100
LU5E 1000 350 3.0 2.5 32 100
LU5E 1100 350 3.0 2.5 30 120
LU5E 1200 350 3.0 2.5 32 120